Share your Ciderbears
#GummyMoments on Tiktok!
And get a chance to have your video promoted!
Step 1

Create a tiktok content with your Ciderbears #GummyMoments. It can be about your daily routine, some crazy dancing or anything you can think of, your creativity is the limit! 😜

*To have higher chances of promotion approval please refrain from using the words weight loss or any similar words in your video and in your captions.

Some of the #gummymoments on Tiktok
Step 2
Your creativity is not just limited to your video but it can be in captions too! Just don’t forget to tag us @ciderbears and put these hashtags on your video.


Step 3

Turn on Ad settings in your Tiktok account! This is a crucial step in order for us to promote your video. You can find it in your creator tools. If you can't find it in creator tools, you can find it in your privacy settings.

Step 4

Enable Ad Authorization for your tiktok videos that you created and generate a post code so you can send it to us! Make sure you enable it for 365 days and don’t turn on the “Only show as ad” button so you can still see your video in your profile.

Step 5

Fill in these details and submit your post code in the form below.

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Step 6 (Optional)

Create an account at to share a discount code with your followers. They get 5% off for every purchase, you get a 10% commission every time they use your code or link.

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